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B-Fix Border (B-Fix® - Brevet IP 1.452.665)

Sharing the same mechanical properties as the B-Fix One, the B-Fix Border permits the first and last deck boards to be attached directly to the end of the joists, producing an entirely seamless finish to the decking. Plugging is thus no longer necessary.
The B-Fix Border is sold by the box, each box contains 5 sachets of 10 units and instructions. Self-drilling screws are also included. The Torx bit 20 is not included in the Border Box. It is however supplied in the B-Fix One box. Each sachet of 10 units is labelled, and has a separate bar code (gencode) from the box, so they can be sold separately.
Positioning the B-Fix Border is aided by the small ‘visor’ above the screw holes which sits comfortably on the end of the joist, so no height adjustment is necessary. The first deck board should be fitted after the B-Fix Border is securely screwed to the joists.


invisible attachment of first and last boards

high finish level, invisible on all boards

quick and easy installation: 40% time savings

respects wood movement: «spring effect»

local disassembly possible

usable with 3 different profiles

installation on decks and siding

reinforced stainless steel self-drilling screws

specialist approved

patented system

made in Belgium

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