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B-Fix Connect (B-Fix® - Brevet IP 1.452.665)

B-Fix Connect is sold in boxes of 50 pieces. Each box also contains 100 self-drilling screws and 1 SIT™ screwdriver bit.

The B-Fix Connect is available in 2 finishes to best suit the use of the B-Fix One or the B-Fix Black One: The bronze colored B-Fix Connect will be used in combination with the B-Fix One. The B-Fix Connect Black will be used in combination with the B-Fix Black One.

B-Fix Connect is intended to be used in conjunction with B-Fix One or Black One and should always be placed at the connection between two boards.

It can be installed in combination with any other product of the B-Fix range (Air, Border, ...) and on the 3 profiles (Classic, Plus and Premium).

Made of stainless steel 301 like the rest of the B-Fix range, the B-Fix Connect will ensure a perfect hold of the ends and an optimal alignment of the boards.

Its design avoids the need for double joisting and the installation of 2 B-Fix One. 



high finish level, invisible

quick and easy installation: 40% time savings

respects wood movement: «spring effect»

local disassembly possible

usable with 3 different profiles

installation on decks and siding

reinforced stainless steel self-drilling screws

specialist approved

patented system

made in Belgium

Brochure & Technical Data Sheet



B-Fix offers a wide range of fixing systems and accessories which allow perfectly completed fitting and finishing.


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