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B-Fix Air (B-Fix® - Brevet IP 1.452.665)

The B-Fix Air is sold in boxes of 100 pieces. Each box also contains an instruction manual.

B-Fix Air has been developed to be used in combination with B-Fix One/Black One while maintaining the fast and easy installation that is the strength of the B-Fix range.

It can also be used on non-profiled decking boards, fastened with screws.

Made of HDPE, B-Fix Air will ensure optimal ventilation of the deck and its structure and will extend the life of the entire project. The quantity of B-Fix Air required will be the same as the number of B-Fix On/ Black One.

For the first and last board, B-Fix Air can be used with B-Fix Border by a simple manipulation that separates the wedge in two.


maximum ventilation of the floor and structure

extended wood lifespan

compatible with the B-Fix One / Black One (Classic, Plus and Premium profiles)

can also be used for visible screws

local disassembly still possible (Classic profile)

recyclable material (HDPE)

approved by specialists

registered design

made in Belgium

Brochure & Technical Data Sheet



B-Fix offers a wide range of fixing systems and accessories which allow perfectly completed fitting and finishing.


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