1 donation to Villa Indigo

Is there nothing you particularly desire, but do you still want to return your tokens? B-Fix sponsors an extraordinary association: Villa Indigo. After returning your tokens, B-Fix is responsible for making a donation to the association and will send you a tax certificate.

The Villa Indigo, a respite care home in Brussels, is a haven of peace housing seriously ill children, whose prognosis is often poor, in order to give a brief respite to parents and the family, often worn down by the continuous care they provide. This situation affects the married life of the parents as well as the life of the entire family. Despite the strength shown by the entire family, a break to recharge the batteries, taking a breath of fresh air and live at a different pace for a few days is therefore welcome. The Villa Indigo wants to relieve the parents in dealing with their child’s illness, both during the day and the night.

Children staying at the Villa Indigo are welcomed as hosts and not as patients. Everything is done to offer them a moment of well-being and relaxation, allied with high-quality medical supervision, thanks to its multi-discipline team. The project covers both Belgian communities, which means it can host children from the French and Flemish speaking regions throughout Belgium.